Friday, January 4, 2008

There is only one ideal in morality unselfishness.

1. To do good, perfect unselfishness is absolutely necessary.

2. Be steady. Avoid jealousy and selfishness.

3. The selfish man is the most miserable in the world.

4. Are you perfectly unselfish? If so, you are irresistible.

5. The difference between God and the devil is in nothing except in unselfishness and selfishness.

6. The only remedy is in making unselfish men and women.

7. The exercise of might is invariably the exercise of selfishness.

8. He who has more of this unselfishness is more spiritual and nearer to Shiva.

9. The perfectly unselfish man is the most successful.

10. Force against force never cures, and the only cure of evil is unselfishness.

11. All love is life, it is the only law of life; all selfishness is death, and this is true here or hereafter.

12. There must not be a shade of jealousy or selfishness, then you are a leader.

13. Selfish work is slave’s work.

14. Be perfectly unselfish, and you will be sure to succeed.

15. The happiest is the man who is not at all selfish.

16. The degree of unselfishness marks the degree of success everywhere.

17. With the sense of possession comes selfishness.

18. It is only selfishness that causes the difference between good and evil.

19. Our own selfishness makes us the most arrant cowards; our own selfishness is the great cause of fear and cowardice.

20. Selfishness is the chief sin, thinking of ourselves first.

21. There should be no motive for selfishness.

22. Selfishness is the great curse of the world.

23. True happiness consists in killing selfishness.

24. It is selfishness that we must seek to eliminate.

25. To be unselfish, perfectly selfless, is salvation itself; for the man within dies, and God alone remains.

26. Cast into the fire/ all thy dross of self, thy mean selfishness.

27. Unselfishness is God.

28. The more selfish a man, the more immoral he is.


30. The goal of all nature is freedom, and freedom is to be attained only by perfect unselfishness; every thought, word, or deed that is unselfish takes us towards the goal, and, as such, is called moral.

31. The more selfish a man, the more immoral he is.

32. Be unselfish even unto death, and work.

33. Root out selfishness, and everything that makes you selfish.

34. Avoid jealousy and selfishness.

35. Be selfless.

36. Our goal is unselfishness.

37. Love knows no barter, no selfishness.

38. Unselfishness is more paying, only people have not the patience to practise it.

39. Are you unselfish? That is the question. If you are, you will be perfect without reading a single religious book, without going into a single church or temple.

40. All expansion is life, all contradiction is death. All love is expansion, all selfishness is contradiction. Love is therefore the only law of life.

41. Let all our actions---------------eating, drinking, and everything that we do-------------------tend towards the sacrifice of our self.

42. No selfishness, no name, no fame, yours or mine, nor my Master’s even!

43. The Centre of ALL MORALITY

Self-abnegation is the centre of all morality.

44. The Vedas cannot show you Brahman, you are That already; they can only help to take away the veil that hides the truth from our eyes. The first veil to vanish is ignorance, and when that is gone, sin goes, next desire ceases, selfishness ends and all misery disappears. This cessation of ignorance can only come when I know that God and I are one; in other words, identify yourself with Atman, not with human limitations. Disidentify yourself with the body and all will cease. This is the secret of healing. The universe is a case of hypnotization; dehypnotize yourself and cease to suffer.

45. Those who live unselfishly are those who have a life that’s most worth living.__________Anonymous

46. People never stop to think that those who bestowed the least thought on their own individualities have been the greatest workers in the world.

47. Be perfectly unselfish, and you will be sure to succeed.

48. Root out selfishness, and everything that makes you selfish.

49. There is only one ideal in morality unselfishness.